Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Public Pool

 Public Pool
Adobe Photoshop
It's a typical day at the public pool, with the lifeguard more interested in her beauty than the swimmers' safety, until a UFO crash-lands in the nearby woods and the alien enters

Public Pool Character Designs
Adobe Photoshop

PROCESS WORK (screenshots):

Sketch 1
Sketch 2
When working on the final drawing I decided to add some bent perspective guidelines, to help add the floor tiles

I did the same for the water to help me arrange the objects in the pool

Final Drawing

The bent perspective and objects add another level of oddness, interest, and makes the piece more dynamic

Added a Layer with some sand color in OVERLAY mode to apply where the light tones will be

added reflections in water on a separate layer in MULTIPLY mode

Wasn't satisfied with the way the reflections in the water looked, so I traced over them with blue hues

Added lemonade "urine" coming from lemon character w/ COLOR Layer mode

Added texture to pool floor, Layer set to MULTIPLY mode

The texture for the gingerbread cat is applied using a photograph of actual gingerbread on a separate layer with the layer mode set to PIN LIGHT

Final details are added, like cracks and strain marks

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Adventrues of Benard and the Awkward Balloon

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Series (scenes 1)
Acrylic & Oils
Sphynx cat Bernard, with the assistance of his hit man, The Awkward Balloon, will
eliminate anyone or anything threatening to steal the love of his owner.

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Series (scene 2)
Adobe Photoshop
With the help of the Awkward Balloon, Bernard dumps Toby, the new pet dog, into a mud pit, so his  owner would no longer like him for being filthy and send him away for good.

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Series (scene 3)
Adobe Photoshop
Bernard has had enough of the snowman his owner made, because he is jealous she has become more proud of creating this cold being than of owning him.

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Series (scene 4)
Adobe Photoshop
When not plotting his next attack, Bernard enjoys daydreaming about peaceful things such as chasing after flying  balls of yarn and food cans in the heavens.

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Series (scene 5)
Adobe Photoshop
Even though Bernard dislikes his owner’s idea of fun, he would rather keep her affection to
himself and be humiliated than allow anyone into his family circle.

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Series (scenes 6)
Digital Adobe Photoshop
Bernard’s owner is unaware of her cat’s evil side work; she loves him dearly and would never replace him for anyone or anything.

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Character Designs
Adobe Photoshop

PROCESS WORK (Screen Shots) Scene 2:

PROCESS WORK (Screen Shots) Scene 3:

I worked on this Series Simultaneously (split screen), which is why you see a section of Scene 2 on the left.

PROCESS WORK (Screen Shots) Scene 4:

Place Food Labels on Cans on a LAYER above set to OVERLAY and transform to fit using the WARP option

Using EDIT > TRANSFORM > WARP. Move the ANCHOR POINTS to manipulate object. You can see a flat/unaltered version of the label on the can on the right.

Repaint on top of Food label layer

Cat Food Labels_Adobe Illustrator

PROCESS WORK (Screen Shots) Scene 5:

Drawing w/out corrections

Added Guides to complete round table

Background Color added to corrected Line Drawing

The Art Director wasn't happy with the Ice-Cream Cone Teapot design, so he had me change it to fit with the teacup set

PROCESS WORK (Screen Shots) Scene 6:

Used Scene 1 painting as reference for color patches on Bernard's skin