Sunday, March 3, 2013

Backpack Repair Center

Backpack Repair Center_Acrylic
This an environment I created called the Backpack Repair Center. This place is located in the sky, and its purpose is to bring damaged backpacks here and repair them. The whole place is made from materials backpacks stolen from humans, or materials damaged backpacks bring with them. The damaged backpacks are brought up here with the hook seen on the left of this illustration. Once repaired, the backpacks can choose to return to the human world to their owners, or stay and help with maintenance of the Repair Center. If they choose the latter, the backpacks are granted feet, which allows them to move freely and no longer have to drag themselves on the ground like they used to.

Damaged Backpack
This is an example of a backpack suffering from the abuse of its owner.

Seeker Backpack
This backpack is a "Seeker" it works at the Backpack Repair Center. Its job is to find damaged backpacks around the human world (in their designated area) and bring the to the Backpack Repair Center.
All-Out machine
This machine is referred to as an "All-Out" machine, its job is to take out all the junk out of the newly arrived, damaged backpacks. This is the first step of the repair process. This machine has a special magnet that attracts everything from metal to liquid. This machine works automatically, it has a scale at the bottom which detects the weight when a heavy backpack is on it. The machine starts by clamping onto the backpack to avoid it from being attracted to the magnet. Once everything is out of the backpack, the machine no longer registers its weight and it automatically stops  the process. Any useful materials are kept and transferred to a different location for use; the machine's top has a propeller to allow it to move around this world. The garbage is dumped back into the human world, so if you ever wondered why a random animal or half eaten fruit fell on you from the sky, now you know why.
Backpack Hospital Characters
The next step is for backpack to go into the Backpack Hospital, where a nurse and its assistants (depicted above) will repair the backpack. The nurse will stitch and patch the backpacks as needed, it also holds replacement parts inside like zippers, buttons, and straps.
magical waterfall
Once the backpack is fixed, it is taken to wash in the magical waterfall. This place is made completely out of bars of soap stolen from humans, so if you ever wondered what happened to your bar of soap, now you know where it went.
After the backpacks are washed, they need to be dried. There are many driers flying around the Backpack Repair Center with the sole purpose of spotting wet backpacks and drying them.
Perfume Balloon
The final step is add a nice scent to the repaired and washed backpack. For this job the backpacks created a special Perfume Balloon. The balloons float all around the Backpack Repair Center waiting for a backpack to hop onto its swing. The balloon detects the weight of a backpack sitting on its swing, and the process begins. The balloon absorbs and filters the air around it and transforms it into a special scent (perfume). The two sides squeeze together to release the scent (perfume) onto the backpack.


Value Study, Color Study, Perspective/ Final line Process

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How the grinch stole the NBA

How the Grinch Stole the NBA_Acrylic
This is an Editorial Illustration for an article on the NBA lockout of 2011. The article stated how the lockout would end and the regular season would start on December 25th (Christmas), if everything went as planned. I immediately thought about what if something happened and it avoided the NBA season to begin on December 25th. The image of the Grinch popped in my head and everything came together almost at once. The whole idea of the Illustration is that the Grinch is in the process of stealing the NBA, symbolized by the basketball. The gifts are symbols of different teams in the NBA.

Final Line Process
I drew every element of the piece separately. This allows me to arrange and rearrange each element in the best composition possible.
Final Line Drawing and Value Study
Color Studies

 The art director suggested it would be better to get rid of the packaging of the Basketball in order to get the message across much quicker.



These are various samples of styles of portraits I do, both Traditional and Digital media.

Anatomical Self Portrait_Photoshop


Oil Paint

Oil paint

Oil Paint

Bernard and The Awkward Balloon

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon_Acrylic and Oils

Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Portrait_Photoshop
These are Illustrations of two of my characters, Bernard and the awkward balloon. I'm planning on creating a children book from these two characters some day. Bernard is the evil mastermind, who despises anyone who threatens to steal the love of his owner. The awkward balloon is Bernard's hit man, it does the dirty work for him.

Any Project, Any Size

Any Project Any Size_Photoshop
This is a two piece campaign advertisement for Elmer's Glue. I depicted a rhino, among other school materials, glued to the ceiling. I chose to do this because I wanted my illustration to be fun and emphasize on the glue's strength.



Final Line Drawings
Value Studies
Color Study 1

Color Study 2