Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Octopus machine


This is an editorial piece for an article on human consumption. It is a reflection on how, in a near future, natural resources will not be enough to satisfy the fast growing, hungry population. I depicted a futuristic machine in charge of feeding the population of mindless, savage, mouths.


I had 3 different ideas for this project, but it was decided to go with the octopus machine. I had to deal with a long vertical strip for my image, which could be challenging. Initially I thought of having the image constrained by the dimensions, but later I was given permission to break the border, because it made for a much clearer message and a better composition with more sense of depth. I used a lot of reds for this image because I wanted to give a sense of danger, as the human resources are running out.
I transfer my drawing to Illustration
board & seal it w/ workable fixatif

I begin with thin glazes of paint

I try to solve as many problems
as I can w/ the undertone

The undertone is the foundation

I begin to add thicker paint following
the undertone


Monday, February 18, 2013

President Obama Political Painting

Blast Off_Acrylic
This is a political Illustration open to your own interpretation.



Extra Work

Extra work

Final line

Value Study

Color Studies

Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is an editorial piece meant for an article on Foreclosure in the U.S.

Sketch and Value Study

Color Studies

Sketches for Revised Composition

Final Line and Value Study for Revised Composition

 Initially I was going to have one single home made of butter on top of a large stack of pancakes that looked like it was about to collapse. The art director thought this composition focused too much on the pancakes and less on the home, which was the key element to get the message of foreclosure across. I solved this problem by having a lower stack of pancakes and more homes, to make it seem like a neighborhood.

Red Riding Hood

Yes I Ate Her_Photoshop

My goal witht his piece was to mimick an old illustration look, just like the type you would see in old fairytale books.


Final Line Drawing

Value Study
I began, like always, with a sketch. I then refined it into a clean line drawing. After that, I developed a value study, which I would then scan and use as base layer in Photoshop. I then added the color on top of the value study in various layers set to Multiply mode. Finally I added a scanned watercolor wash, and placed it on top of the color layers on a layer set to Overlay mode.

WWE John Cena Fan Art

Sitting Duck_Acrylic
This is a dated painting of WWE wrestler John Cena as a "Sitting Duck". At the time I created this piece, John Cena became the target of insults from the fans, who didn't accept him as their champion and the face of the company.


Sketch of Duck

Sketch of Target and duck feet

Final Line drawing

Color Studies
I began by sketching the Duck and the Background target separately, which makes it easier to move the elements around and compose them the best way possible. Once I decide the right placement for things I create a final line drawing and later do some color studies.


My crowded workspace
I begin with an uder painting, basically applying thin glazes of acrylic paint. This is a road map where I solve all the value and color problems. Once This is done I apply thick paint, working from background to foreground.


Finished painting